Nawdha Bhakti -4

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49” x 79” oil and acrylic on canvas

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This fourth kind of Bhakti is for service. Real service is filled with gratitude and is done without any greed or inducements. As trees filled with fruits bow down similarly when people filled with His grace automatically become humble and bow down to the omnipresent or to their faith.

this painting is also in gratitude of ladies who are not only the supporter but also because of their politeness they have become the most loved person in a family as Mata Lakshmi is the most loved because of her kindness.

Here in this painting the prayable God is Devi Lakshmi as she always remains in service of lord Vishnu. Here the main shape is the replica of Lakshmi Narayan famous deity in which Devi Lakshmi is pressing Narayna’s feet. As we can’t see God by eyes but when any Guru gives wisdom to us we can see him. Similarly this figure is of glass and when light passes through it the object becomes visible.


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