Bird Detail

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48 x 48 inches , mixmedia on canvas.

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The sitting and flying eagle is the witness of that hypothesis from which the hypothesis of parachute or say flight was born. In fact, the laws of nature, whether it is to feel the pressure from flying or to think about flying after seeing the eagle, we have always seen art from nature and science from art and many aspects of life get simplified due to science. Petroglyph art is indicative of how people were inspired and attracted by art knowingly or unknowingly even before science. In this painting, the vertical lines dividing it into two parts are also presenting the flight. Leonardo became interested in flying during his first stay in Milan when he was inspired by youthful enthusiasm; He devoted himself to the design of flying machines with suitable flight feathers to mimic the structure and propulsive movement of birds’ wings. After returning to Florence in the early 1500s, he devoted himself to the observation of birds, studying their flight techniques and body structure. The first parachute was conceived and sketched by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century. Hard to believe something as “modern” as a parachute from 500 years ago.

  • will be send in roll.


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