Smaranm Bhakti, स्मरणम (Remembrance)

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42” x 33” Oil on canvas

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This painting is one of the series of Bhakti painting. In Bhagvatpuranm there is a shloka –

श्रवणं कीर्तनं विष्णोः स्मरणं पादसेवनम्  

अर्चनं वन्दनं दास्यं सख्यमात्मनिवेदनम् (7/5/23)

श्रवण, कीर्तन, स्मरण, पादसेवन, अर्चन, वंदन, दास्य, सख्य, और आत्मनिवेदनइन्हें नवधा भक्ति कहते हैं II 

This shloka from Shrimad Bhagvat Purana explains nine components of Bhakti (Nawada Bhakti) is the foundation for the subject of my paintings.

so this is third kind of Bhakti – स्मरणम

will be send in roll.



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