Keertna Bhakti


46” x 36” oil on canvas

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this painting is based on the slok of Bhagvat Geeta-

श्रवणं कीर्तनं विष्णोः स्मरणं पादसेवनम्  

अर्चनं वन्दनं दास्यं सख्यमात्मनिवेदनम् (7/5/23)

So as per Shloka  Chanting with rhythm his beautiful name (कीर्तनम) is the second type of Bhakti (Devotion). As my bhakti series each painting has one pray able (आराध्य); so in this painting Keertan Aacharya Swaroop is Chaitnya Mahaprapbhu in 16th century and his famous chitra with krishna is hidden behind the texture. Here old and famous Keertan instrument Cymbals (झांझ और मंजीरा) are taken. There is a story that “music was banned in Islam so when a Molvi  visited in the house of Tansen’s house; he hide his all instruments but when the Molvi was in his house , the instruments start playing itself then Molvi said that these instruments are your soul and worship. You have no need to hide them”. My mean here to put this story in this write-up; I did not paint the strings of cymbals because when your soul is in keertana all your physic became instrument (no need of any string) or motivation. Here this 2nd type of Bhakti is so strong in the life of Chaitnya Mahaprabhu that where he went, all became Bhaktaas. There was a revolution because of his keertana although any work that is done by dedication and devotion can lead you to immense pleasure yet Keertana is such a method (विधा) that takes you in different joyous world and regular practice leads you in the world of Bhakti. The textures – like the bright windows of joy and happiness that we get from this method (विधा) – Chanting with rhythm his beautiful name (कीर्तनम).


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